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Orange & Barclaycard Launch Contactless Mobile Payments

by Mr Mobile on 1 Jun 2011

Just when it seemed banking could get no easier, Orange and Barclaycard have launched a revolutionary mobile payment system, allowing users to securely and conveniently make contactless payments to stores throughout the United Kingdom. Currently accepted by Pret a Manger, Wembley Arena, Subway, and McDonalds, amongst others, Orange NFC payments utilise innovative Barclaycard NFC technology, predicted to be the biggest revolution in banking since the introduction of the credit card.

The Barclaycard NFC system is already used in the production of contactless credit and debit cards, and has been rigorously tested to ensure the protection of customers’ transactions and personal details. Users are also given the option of PIN-protecting any Orange NFC payments they make. This service is now available to all Orange customers in possession of a ‘QuickTap’-compatible handset, such as Orange’s Samsung Tocco Quick Tap, which is available on both PAYG and monthly pricing plans.

“Orange QuickTap is the first of its kind, a service that allows you to pay for everyday items just by tapping your phone wherever you see the contactless payment symbol,” says Orange vice president Pippa Dunn. “It’s going to start a revolution in the way we pay for things on the high street.”