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Vodafone gets Smart with Android Device with Interchangeable Covers

by Mr Mobile on 8 Jun 2011

Vodafone will soon offer its clients a stylish choice when it launches the Vodafone Smart, a branded mobile device that will give users the option to customise their phone’s appearance depending on mood or occasion.

This fully featured smartphone will be rolled out in a range of bold and bright colours and designs, with interchangeable covers that can be customised to suit any personality. The Vodafone Smart brings new levels of individuality and style, all bundled together with the Android operating system and equipped with all the expected functionality, including social networking, app support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

“Continuing to push the boundaries through our own brand range, the Vodafone Smart is a new smartphone concept,” says Vodafone Group Terminals Director Patrick Chomet. “It takes the higher end mobile internet experience and packages it for the mass market, its range of covers and accessories making it a fun fashion statement.”

You can also design your own phone covers with the Vodafone Smart Design Studio!