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Resident Evil Coming to Xperia Play

5 Hotly Anticipated Xperia Play Games

by Mr Mobile on 21 Jul 2011

The Sony Ericcson Xperia Play is a high performance smartphone designed especially for gaming enthusiasts. Running using a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it is the ultimate gaming smartphone capable of running PSP games. Turn it into portrait and slide up the screen and you will see a real gaming controls. The Sony Ericcson Xperia Play is truly a smartphone that lets you immerse yourself in any games you want.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is the first PlayStation certified smartphone built especially for hardcore gamers. With the console capabilities of this smartphone, large number of gamers are requesting Sony to reproduce some of the most iconic and enjoyable games launched in the Playstation 1-3. Listed are the top 5 highly anticipated games for Xperia users.

1. Resident Evil – Director’s Cut
Resident Evil Zombie
Seriously, which gamer does not know about the first instalment of Resident Evil, the most iconic zombie killing game ever? The game is so popular; it has been made into movies with 4 sequels out and 1 under production. And now, you can play it using your smartphone. I remember being pretty scared playing this when I was quite young, so it would be great to revisit it again.

2. Metal Gear Solid
metal gear solid
Snake is back! The game was previously available on Apple; however it was pulled for not being able to satisfy Solid Snake’s fans. That’s why on the Sony Xperia, gameplay is made better by giving it a higher stealth infiltration potential and sabotage. With the game control on Xperia, gamer will feel as if they are playing this game on a console.

3. Final Fantasy VII

final fantasy 7
Final Fantasy VII is probably the best game ever made for console. The RPG game features high quality graphic, interaction with NPC, and tons of non-stop actions. What better way to spend that boring time in the bus ride or train then to play your favorite game with your Xperia.

4. Asphalt 6

Kiss my Asphalt
For those racers out there, this is the game you lust after. To satisfy your racing needs that can’t be fulfilled in the real world, Asphalt 6 has decided to bring the cars and tracks to you. Some says, the game has all the track you will ever know from LA to Tokyo and best of all, the game is in HD.

5. Minecraft

Minecraft on mobiles

Developed by a Swedish Indie developer Mojang, it is currently one of the fastest growing game franchises in the history. It has more than 8 million registered users and an average of about 50,000 new players joining the community every day.


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